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- No bruising
- Few entry points for full coverage
- Virtually no pain
- Production of new collagen
- No necrosis
- Minimal downtime

Much safer than using a classical sharp needle because DermaSculpt(R) does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermis and Sub-Q layer (depending on thickness and flexibility of microcannula used). The blunt end and flexibility of the microcannula allow for virtually painless and atraumatic procedures.

When using the fanning technique and thanks to the length of the microcannula, very few entry points are needed in order to cover the entire face.

There are strong reasons to believe that the mechanical action of the DermaSculpt(R) microcannula on the fibroblasts generates new collagen into the skin.

The DermaSculpt(R) microcannula is made of SMA tube (Stainless Memory Alloy) polished with a specific industrial process (Polyglass).

The length/thickness ratio of the stainless tube is of utmost importance to guarantee the best flexibility and tension of the cannula.

The internal diameter and the length of the stainless tube are specifically designed to adapt to the viscosity of the different types of fillers; they determine the filler flow through the cannula.

KIAN KARIMI MD - Santa Monica, CA
Thank you ! Your product changed my whole practice. Such an amazing device, what took the world so long and why was I slow in discovering it? Well, better late than never.

JOEL L. COHEN, MD - Denver, CO
I have found the Dermasculpt cannulas to be incredibly helpful in minimizing bruising and helping to achieve outstanding results in soft tissue augmentation of the cheeks, infra-orbital hollows, dorsal hands as well as the decolletage. Once you start using these cannulas, you totally get hooked.

ADAM MAUER MD - Garden City, NY
I used the DermaSculpt Microcannula to perform lip augmentation, and I was very impressed with the fact that there was nearly no bruising after the procedure.

I have been seeing Dr. Fulton for many years. Recently I visited his office because I was interested in receiving fillers for my Nasolabial folds, lips and Marionette lines. Dr. Fulton informed me that he was going to be using a new blunt cannula to apply the filler to the above areas. I was a bit nervous but I trust Dr. Fulton. Dr. Fulton slid the cannula under my skin and to my surprise there was no discomfort and virtually no pain and absolutely no bruising. The results were instantaneous. I look refreshed and younger. People compliment me on how good my face looks!