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The physician embeds the absorbable PDO(Polydioxanone) threads into the area wherever you want lifting. It forms nets between a number of threads. They promote and proliferate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis while they are naturally absorbing into the tissue within 6-8 months. You may expect V-line shaping, increase of skin elasticity, and smoother skin tone. This new technology shows immediate result as it lasts a long period of time up to 2 years using safest threads in medical grade.

- Instant result : You can see the lifting and firming effect right after the procedure.
- Long lasting : The lifting effects can last upto 1-2 years.
- Safety : CE approved, KFDA Class IV approved ( safest material )
- Convenience : Can return to daily activities right after procedure. Walk in-Walk out procedure.

- Safe Procedure
- Non-Surgical
- Shorter procedure time
- Only topical anesthesia is required due to less pain
- Go back to the routine activity immediately
- Immediate effect (After 3~4 days of procedure)

F1. How does it work?
Reandne` development was perceived from the traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy. PDO(polydioxanone) absorptive threads are embedded through specially designed needle. Reandne` threads are embedded in a pattern and forms nets under the skin and result in V-line shaping. They also promote and proliferate the collagen in the dermis in the process of PDO resorption into skin.

F2. What can it treat?
It can be applied to almost any part of the body that you want lifting. It can improve the sagging, elasticity, wrinkles, deep lines, and even body line shaping.

F3. What is the procedure?
The anaesthetic cream will be applied. And the treads will be inserted into the area. The procedure will take 30-40 mins, which is subject to the treatment sites. The patients will experience minor prickling sensation such as acupuncture needling.

F4. How long is downtime? What can I expect right after procedure?
Patients will only see slight redness at the entry points, that will disappear in a few hours. Patients can get back to daily routine immediately.

F5. Is it safe?
Yes. Reandne` PDO threads obtained rating IV(top rating in safety) from KFDA, KGMP, CE0123 approved.

F6. How long does the result last ?
It gives remarkable result instantly. The optimal result will appear in 3 weeks and last upto 1-2 years.