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CareSys is very unique Transdermal Delivery system(TDS), combine with Cryo technology.
When Electroporation combined with cooling probe, it improves the down-time and reduces PIH rick and also enhance solution penetration rate.

Cryo-Electroporation treatment itself gives good results in skin brightening and tightening as well

* Outstanding cooling performance after laser treatment-post care
* Advanced cooling system combined with electroporation
* High efficiency on cooling and product penetration
* Different size 2 handle provided
* Connect bottle with solution to the handle directly
  - can be applied exact amount of solution
  - prevent solution loss
* 7 inch full touch screen for easy operation

Post cares for Laser, Stamp, roller treatment
Effective penetration and absorption of solution with electroporation
Hot/Cold treatment

Intensity 0~100
PULSE + : Max 27Vp-p + 25%, 54ma 500 load
PULSE - : Max 27Vp-p + 25%, 54ma 500 load
Mode PULSE + : 0.5KHz ~ 10KHz
PULSE - : 0.5KHz ~ 10KHz
Time 1min~20min
Frequency PULSE + : Active / Rest -> 50uS ~1,000uS
PULSE - : Active / Rest -> 50uS ~1,000uS
Temperature COLD : -2020, HOT : 30~40
Display 7" Wide Color TFT LCD with LEDCFL, Touch panel
Power Input 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Max 100VA
Dimensions 371(L) X 375(W) X 880(H) mm
Weight 30kg