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You can treat as fast as you can
DEPILIGHT has high coverage rate with a large spot size 9 x 9mm and high repetition rate up to 10Hz (for FDP mode), up to 3Hz (for DP mode).

High power continuous wave diode
Energy delivery homogeneous along pulse segments gives reliable results. Blend mode pulses enable safer and more effective treatments on all skin types.

Sapphire tip contact cooling
Gives patient comforts despite of delivery of higher fluences.

Continuous wave technology
It's much more advanced technology than Quasi CW diode lasers enables both very short and very long pulses.

250W peak power is the same as the average power, which provides optimal therapeutic range and no side effects.

No consumables

Light Source Diode (Continuous wave)

wavelength 808nm
Fluence Up to 60J/cm2
Pulse duration 10~430ms
Spot size 9 X 9 mm

Repetition rate DP mode - Up to 3Hz
FDP mode - Up to 10Hz
Skin cooling Sapphire tip contact
Device weight 26kg (Cart excluded)
Dimension 500(L) X 450(W) X 275(H) mm
Power requirement Standard 230 VAC