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What is SINON Ruby laser?

The SINON ruby is a real gem being used for active medium in the laser machine, which enables high output and extremely short pulse (20ns) at a wavelength of 694nm. The red light of the ruby laser penetrates relatively deeply into the skin and is strongly absorbed by more heavily pigmented dermal and epidermal structures, including melanin, melanosomes, melanocytes as well as challenging colors like blue and green.

> Removal of Solar Lentigo / Courtesy of Dr.Rao, University of Alberta, Canada

> Removal of a tattoo on darker skin / Courtesy of Moshe Lapidoth,MD.

"By using the Q-switched ruby laser system SINON we could achieve 90 to 100 per cent clearance of amateur tattoos in dark Ethiopian skin types in almost any patient during a study. Whereas, there were no cases of scarring or permanent pigmentary changes." Moshe Lapidoth M.D.

> Removal of Nevus of Ota / Courtesy of Dr.Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan

"My experience with the SINON Q-switched laser shows it to be the most advanced ruby laser I have ever used. I can achieve higher fluencies with larger spot sizes that make this Q-switched ruby laser more effective than all others. The machine is very reliable." Mitchel Goldman M.D., San Diego, USA.

> Cafe au lait

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes, 694nm is the proven wavelength to remove selectively the melanin only without damaging surrounding tissues, neither bleeding. It is very safe for pigmented lesions and tattoo removal.

SINON uses 694nm wavelength : 694nm wavelength shows the highest absorption rates for melanin, which means the best wavelength for pigmentation treatment without damaging any surrounding tissue, neither bleeding.

SINON's advanced safety : Unlike other lasers, SINON's divergent beam profile maximizes the safety from PIH risk.

Q. What can it treat?
A. Pigments / Lentigines / Cafe au lait
Freckles / Nevus of Ota / Becker's Nevus
Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Melasma / All kinds of Tattoo

Q. Is it painful?
A. No. With local numbing cream applied, ití»s very bearable. Mostly say, tingling sensation.

Q. Do I need to come multiple times ?
A. It depends on the indications. If you have pigments or freckles, 2-3 sessions with 6 weeks intervals will do. If you have professional tattoo, it might require 8 - 10 sessions with 8 weeks intervals. Please consult with your aesthetic physician.

Q. How soon can I see the result ?
A. For pigmented lesions, it will be darker initially, and form the crusts for 2-3 days. The optimal result will appear in 2-3 weeks.

Q. Is there any cautions should I take after procedure?
A. Please block the area treated right on the treatment date. Please apply the sunblock cream SPF40 above every 4 hours. Please note that you must not scratch or rub the scabs until they are taken off naturally.