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Innovative Procedure for Local Fat Removal

+ The principle is based on the concept of cold panniculitis. When the fat layer is exposed to a freezing temperature for a period of time, it causes low level of inflammation in fat.

+ The skin cells can stand colder temperatures than fat cells can. CryoLipo lowers temperature of skin and fat both, reaching a temperature at which fat cells die slowly(called apoptosis) and skin cells are intact.

+ 60 minutes cold exposure process induces low level of inflammation of fat, which results in fat cells die-away.

+ The fat cannot return to reside in fat cells that have disappeared. The lipids in the destroyed fat cells are gradually resorbed over 2-6 weeks.

+ Cold exposure on the skin -> Low-grade inflammation in fat (Cold Panniculitis) -> Adipocyte death (by Apoptosis of fat cell)

1. CryoLipo is conceived and created by the procedures that fat is reduced gradually after cold panniculitis.

2. The applicator pulls up the skin by air vacuum and two side pannels lower temperature precisely to remove fat. At the same time, it radiates low level laser(635nm) in order to promote the mitochondria. It weakens the structure of fat cell membrane.

3. 635nm low level laser activates the mitochondria, that results in emulsification of fat cells. CryoLipo keep radiating low level laser from the center of applicator over the procedure.

4. Emulsified fat cells turn more vulnerable to the cold. Two side panels freeze the fat with precisely controlled cold temperatures. Damaged fat cells are eliminated by body process. The patient is required to drink more water to promote the elimination process.

635nm : Low level laser approved by FDA for laser lipolysis

Non-invasive fat reduction

1. Cryo Cooling : Cooling control by 4 levels.
2. 635nm laser (Low level laser) : Approved for Laser lipolysis (FDA)
3. Automatic Massage Function
4. Continuous Vacuum : Vacuum control by 4 levels.

Benefits of Cryolipo

1. Non-invasive treatment -> No anaesthetia, no needles, no pain.
2. No operator required -> Can spare manpower and time.
3. Operation buttons on the handpiece
4. No consumable (ex: filter)
5. Mounted emergency button (Safety)

- Upper abdomen       - Belly
- Love handles          - Back , Lower back
- Thighs

Wavelength 635nm
Laser Level 1~3
Cooling Level 1~4
Suction Level 1~4
Duration 1~60 min
Laser Class III R
Interface 10.4" Color Lcd Touch Screen
Electrical 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 400 X 517 X 1002 (W X D X H)
Weight 66 kg