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Micro bubbles are formed and grow in liquid under the oscillatory influence of rarefaction (negative pressure) and compression (positive pressure) zones within ultrasonic waves radiating from LIPO-X.

Micro bubbles grow to a size that cannot be sustained any longer and implode as releasing a shockwave. The size of micro bubbles is bigger, the bigger influences the shockwave gives. Such shockwaves disintegrate adipose tissue and these fat cells turn into a liquid substance which would be removed through lymphatic vessels and urine.

Optimal Auto-programmed cavitation system (5 program included)
Powerful cavitation effect (31 & 33 khz) -3 ~ 6w/cm2
2 different size probe
Non-invasive treatment and extremely safe
Great combination effects with suction treatment
Easy to operate with full touch screen
Multi-language (English, Italian, Spanish)

Body Contouring
Body Toning
Cellulite Removal
Localized Fat Removal

Model Name Lipo X
Electrical Power V 80VA
Ultrasound output 3W~6W/cm2
Level Control Level 1~10
Key Operation O
Emergency Button O
Multi Language English, Italian, Spanish
Display 7" Touch LCD
Basic Accessory 50 handle(16 cm2), 70 handle(47 cm2)
Power Consumption 70VA
Dimension 40 X 31 X 89 cm
Weight 29 kg/net